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London Weight Management POWERSLIMTM Treatment

The POWERSLIMTM treatment is the solution for every lady who wants to lose weight effortlessly. Incorporated with innovative, cutting-edge slimming technology and weight loss Ampoules (such as the 48-hour Fat Burn Ampoule), the POWERSLIMTM treatment can eliminate stubborn fat cells in problem areas quickly and effectively with long-lasting effects. See yourself lose 8-22cm and up to 2kg in just 90 minutes*! The POWERSLIMTM treatment is all-natural and safe, using only 100% plant extracts that have been carefully selected for maximum KG loss. Best of all, the treatment is customised to your individual lifestyle, body concerns and needs so that you can achieve your ideal body.

*Refers to full-body weight loss. Individual results may vary.

Beauty Tip

I want to lose weight but I don’t have the time or energy!

For the time-starved women, here are some easy ways to slim down!

1. Drink water 30 minutes before every meal: This will help you consume less during your meals and reduce your overall caloric intake.

2. Sleep 30 extra minutes every day: More sleep boosts your metabolism and helps you to control your food cravings better.

3. Seek advice from a professional: Every lady is unique. Seek advice from an expert who tailors your slimming treatments to your individual needs and problems, and your weight loss journey can be simply effortless.

This beauty tip is brought to you by London Weight Management.

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