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Physiogel Calming Relief Anti-Redness Serum

Calming Relief Anti-Redness Serum is a daily use serum that immediately soothes and reduces redness and flushing for calmer, less sensitive skin. It has a fast absorbing, non-oily formula which is suitable for use under make up and to be applied before your moisturizer. It is clinically proven to reduce facial redness*, and provides immediate redness relief. 93% agree it immediately soothes and reduces facial redness^

This product works naturally with the skin to reduce redness for comfortable and even toned skin, and leaves skin feeling hydrated. Respects the needs of sensitive skin, containing pure and gentle ingredients – no fragrances, preservatives and no allergens.

^ Tested on 203 women with dry red skin after first use.
* Examiner assessment of 30 women with dry red skin after 4 weeks of twice daily moisturization.

Health Domain Dr OatCare™

Health Domain Dr OatCare™ is a nutritious oats meal drink made with Montana Embryo Oats™, 17 organic seeds, 9 mixed nuts, and fortified with natural seaweed calcium. Embryo oats have higher nutrient contents compared to normal oats as it is harvested at golden nutrient time of oats.

Dr OatCare™ gives you the right amount of nutrients required by your body which otherwise you will not be able to achieve just by eating normal meals. One serving of Dr OatCare™ will provide you with 38.3% of your daily whole-grain requirement. It is 100% natural with no additives, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring and no sugar added.

Dr OatCare™ meets the “Healthier Choice” Nutritional Guidelines set by the Health Promotion Board.

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