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90-Minute Victoria Power-Lift Facial

This unique anti-ageing facial treatment prevents and counters signs of ageing using new anti-ageing technology from the UK. With the help of special Power-Lift machines to penetrate powerful antioxidants such as Oligopeptide-1 (EGF) and Hibiscus Abelmoschus Seed Extract into the skin, the facial treatment stimulates natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to promote firmer, bouncier and tighter skin.

In just 90 minutes, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags will be visibly lightened and reduced. Not only that, it provides instant lifting for sagging contours and effectively hydrates dry skin for a more radiant complexion. And the best part? The facial treatment is customised to target problems specific to your skin!

If you crave natural, younger skin but would hate to endure the pain and unnatural side effects of Botox, fillers or surgeries, this relaxing non-invasive facial therapy can effortlessly help your skin achieve results that off-the-shelf products can’t!

Beauty Tip 1

2 Skincare Boo-Boos to avoid!

1. Most people love leaving their mask on longer than they should, thinking that their skin can absorb more goodness and make the most out of it. However, this is a huge mistake as the mask will dry up and absorb moisture from your skin instead, making it dry and more prone to wrinkles. Facial masks should be left on for no longer than 15 minutes!

2. Instead of using a proper eye cream, many of us are guilty of conveniently applying moisturiser over the eye area. This is a definite no-no as the skin around our eyes is actually 3 times thinner than the skin on our face, so facial moisturisers are way too rich and can clog the pores on that area! Also, eye creams should not only be used at night, but in the morning too. Paying attention to little details can be tedious, but it definitely pays off when we get great-looking skin!

This beauty tip is brought to you by Victoria Facelift.

Salonpas® 30

Ladies can now say goodbye to aches with Salonpas 30. These palm-sized patches contain active ingredients, Glycol Salicylate, which is quickly absorbed by the skin for pain relieve and ℓ-Menthol provides a cooling effect that helps to soothe aches.

Specially formulated for females, these palm-sized patches can be conveniently applied on the neck, shoulder, back, elbows, knees, foot and calves. With a light and minty scent, Salonpas 30 is gentle on the skin, suitable for ladies with sensitive skin.

In Singapore, Salonpas®30 is available in all major pharmacies, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores as well as neighbourhood Chinese medical halls.


Beauty Tip 2

Many hours are spent working in front of the computer and an incorrect posture will cause excessive strain on the neck, shoulder and back. Here are some simple tips to prevent aches.

Here are some simple tips to prevent.

1. Make sure your computer screen is at eye level. Do prop up your computer if it is too low.

2. Take note of your posture and do not hunch forward towards the screen as it will cause considerable strain to the back.

3. Reduce the use of mobile phones as looking down constantly at your phone will cause excessive strain on your neck and shoulder.

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