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Holistic Way Premium Deer Placenta

Holistic Way Premium Deer Placenta Fresh 9000mg contains extracts equivalent to 9000mg of fresh deer placenta, grape seed extract and grape seed oil. Rich in protein, amino acids, hyaluronic acids, vitamins and minerals, deer placenta may deliver necessary nutrients required by the skin. Hyaluronic acid within may support healthy extracellular matrix with water locking capability, thus providing suppleness to our skin. Grapeseed extract contains high levels of antioxidants that may protect the skin from free radicals damage, hence promotes skin elasticity and maintains a youthful appearance. Suitable for both men and women to support youthfulness, vitality and to enhance general well-being.

One of the important components found in Deer placenta is Hyaluronic acid, which can help nurture our skin, improve joint function and may promote healthy vision. Deer placenta also contains high levels of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) which may promote healthy tissues growth and organ. IGF affects almost every cell of our bodies such as skin, muscle, liver, cartilage, bone, kidney, nerves and lungs. It is involved in the synthesis of cellular DNA, apart from assisting in the regulating of normal development and growth of cells.

Recommended Dosage: 1-2 softgels daily with meals or as recommended by a physician.

Holistic Way Babeskin Sheep Placenta

Holistic Way Babeskin Sheep Placenta contains extracts equivalent to 20,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta and grape seed extract. It may help support healthy cell renewal and the ability to help promote skin elasticity, for a healthy, smooth and radiant skin that results in a youthful appearance.

Sheep placenta, which is always valued for its high nutritional content and is rich in vitamins and bioactive substances, has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines, retain moisture content in the skin and also may promote youthfulness. When consumed, Sheep placenta may help to improve an individual’s immune system, thus lead to better general health.

Recommended Dosage: 1-2 softgels daily with meals or as recommended by a physician.

Beauty Tip 1

Traditional vitamins are vital to supplement us with nutrients that we may not be getting enough form our diet while beauty supplements contains vitamins that are pertinent to skin health.

Here are some ingredients to look for when choosing beauty supplement:

1. Biotin-supports healthy hair, skin and nail

2. Vitamin C-acts as an antioxidant which may protect our skin from sun UV damage and assist in collagen formation in human body

3. Collagen-improves skin firmness and elasticity, also may provide suppleness in skin

4. Hyaluronic acid-retains skin moisture and hence may reduce appearance of fine lines

5. Vitamin E-protects our skin from sun damage

6. Vitamin D-supports healthy skin complexion and is often made when sunlight is absorbed by our skin

This beauty tip is brought to you by Holistic Way

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

Eyes make a pivotal first impression on others. That’s why we hope that our eyes look bright, young and eager when meeting new people! Unfortunately, problems such as dark eye circles, sunken or puffy eyes make it difficult for you to look energetic. As we age, tiny wrinkles, sunken eyes and drooping eyelids are also future problems we will face.
That’s why it’s important to get the best care for your eyes. And we’ve got just the thing for you: New York Skin Solutions’ Rejuvenating Eye Treatment @ $28 only!

Using hydrolysed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and special blend of botanical extracts, our treatment does the following:

• lightens dark eye circles

• reduces eye puffiness and eye bags

• softens fine lines around the eye

• firms tender skin around the eyes

• reduce dryness

• rejuvenates tired skin

Be prepared to look more youthful and refreshed after just 1 session! With the help of our ultrasound machine, we ensure that you’ll experience the full effectiveness of all the active ingredients used and that they are penetrated and absorbed by your deeper skin layers. Rejuvenate the tired skin beneath your eyes today!

Beauty Tip 2

Dark eye circles tend to be caused by a lack of sleep, but we may have certain habits that are unknowingly making our panda eyes worse!

Here are 2 habits you should kick if you’re trying to lighten those dark eye circles.

Habit 1: Forgetting sunscreen
Most of us know that sun damage causes dreaded hyperpigmentation, so we apply sunscreen regularly. But how many of us actually apply it around the eye area? As our eyes have the thinnest layer of skin on our face, the area is even more susceptible to developing hyperpigmentation, making sunscreen a necessity.
Make sure to apply an eye cream first, then actual sunscreen! An eye cream with SPF has insufficient protection.

Habit 2: Rubbing your eyes too hard
As mentioned earlier, the skin surrounding your eye area is the thinnest! Rubbing your eyes too hard can damage the capillaries under your skin, making your eyes puffier and darker. Be gentle when removing your eye makeup as well – no scrubbing, just press a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover or gently massage in an oil cleanser.
If dark eye circles remain a concern for you, seek help from the experts!

This beauty tip is brought to you by New York Skin Solutions