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Chan Brothers Travel Exclusive “Lady First” Tour - 7D Yamagata Snow Monsters & Tokyo

Yamagata offers some of the country’s best kept secrets. Experience the best of the area’s hospitable charms, from its bountiful harvest of fruits and breath-taking scenic attractions such as the mysterious snow monsters of Mt Zao to its restorative onsens located in charming towns. Take a dip in Zao Onsen, known as the spring of beauty of health as the hot spring is said to possess curative properties for the skin. Enjoy a Mogami River cruise where you will be serenaded with Japanese folk songs by the boatman as you cruise through tranquil landscapes. Top off your trip with a visit to dynamic Tokyo, with its intriguing mix of tradition and modernity, and you are all set for a trip to remember.

ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Powder

· A high-purity and low-molecular collagen supplement which optimises the absorption of collagen by the body
· Comes in a highly-pure form that cuts more than 80% of the impurities, reducing the bitter taste and smell common in other collagen drinks
· Contains Ornithine and Vitamin C that support natural production of collagen in skin
- Ornithine: An amino acid extracted from freshwater clams, it boosts the synthesis of collagen within the skin, complementing skin’s natural restorative process
- Vitamin C: Supports the natural production of collagen in the skin to maintain skin’s firmness
· Formulated to dissolve quickly in any beverage without the need to stir
· Each sachet provides 5,000mg of collagen and contains 21 kcal. No artificial colouring or preservatives added

Consumption Guide:
Take 1 – 2 sachets worth per day

Retail Price: S$76 per box (each box contains 30 sachets, 5.5g each)

ASTALIFT White Shield Drink

Concluding the range of new additions to the ASTALIFT White series is the ASTALIFT White Shield Drink, a beauty drink that contains essential ingredients for a beautiful and clear glow from the inside.

Recommended for daily consumption, the highly absorbable drink contains 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin which protects the skin from harmful UV rays and repair damaged skin caused by “incidental sunburns”. Enjoy the caffeine-free ASTALIFT White Shield Drink in delicious Peach & Lemon flavor while reaping the benefits of Vitamin C, a crucial ingredient for beautiful radiant skin, as well as the rare molecular Pure Collagen, which has the amount of bitterness-causing impurities significantly reduced through FUJIFILM’s proprietary manufacturing process. Each bottle comes with an eco-friendly easy-peel label, making it the perfect drink on-the-go.

Available from 1 March 2016 at ASTALIFT’s Wisma Atria and JEM stores at $60 (10 bottles, 50ml).

EXCIA Whitening Rich Milk SV

Use immediately after cleansing, EXCIA Whitening Rich Milk SV restores healthy moisture balance to leave the skin soft, firm and translucent. It also significantly boosts the efficacies and absorption of lotion, serum or moisturiser that follows due to its unique and distinctive formulation.

Tips : As the skin's surface is finely grained and covered with pores, apply EXCIA Whitening Rich Milk SV using a cotton pad and massage in circular motions for efficient delivery of its unique formulation. For best results, apply 3 pumps of EXCIA Whitening Rich Milk SV to ensure the restorative benefits reach the entire cornea stratum which can have as many as ten layers.

Skin Conditioner

ALBION Skin Conditioner is Japan’s #1 legendary lotion, selling over 2.6 million bottles last year. It boosts the skin’s metabolism and regulates cell renewal cycle to promote healthy skin with the following 6 skin benefits:

· Promotes radiance
· Clarifies the skin to deliver visibly translucent skin
· Refines the skin texture
· Prevents breakout and removes excess sebum
· Tightens the skin and improves the staying power of makeup
· Soothes the skin after sun

EXCIA Whitening Immaculate Essence IDD

A 28-day intensive whitening treatment that delivers visible whitening and firming results with just one vial.
Formulated with exclusive Nanocesta Technology and Kojic Acid EX, it visibly eradicates stubborn dark spots and yellowish skin tone in the entire skin layers in just 28 days!
· Day 1: Instant radiance and firmness, with result equivalent to a laser therapy.
· Day 2: Visible improvement in radiance and firmness.
· Day 28: Dark spots and yellowish skin tone diminished, with unsurpassed luminosity and translucency in the skin.

Tips :
· Recommended to use before important event (i.e. wedding) to get a luminous glow on the skin.
· Also recommended for those who currently do not have any dark spots on the skin as it helps to eradicate dark spots that are still hidden in the deeper layers of the skin.

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