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VE® Protein Hair & Scalp Treatment

Fully customisable to your hair and scalp condition, the VE Protein® hair & scalp treatment is suitable for a wide variety of problems including dandruff, male and female hair loss, oily scalp, baldness, itchy and sensitive scalp, and premature greying.

The unique VE Protein® formula contains hydrolysed protein which penetrates the hair shaft more easily due to its smaller molecular weight, hence improving the condition of your hair much quickly compared to other protein treatments in the market. Unlike the chemical smells or herbal scents that are often associated with hair treatments, it is 100% botanical and has a fragrant soothing scent that will leave your hair feeling and smelling good!

In just 1 session, you’ll see your scalp become visibly cleaner, follicles less clogged, dandruff flakes reduced, and of course, smoother and healthier-looking hair. Computerised scalp scans are conducted to ensure effective treatment, so rest assured that no guesswork is involved. The treatment is also completely safe with no side effects, allowing your hair to grow in the healthiest way possible!

Beauty Tip

My hair is dry, dull and breaks easily. What can I do to make every day a good hair day?

Hot showers are actually bad for our hair as they strip off its natural moisture so do rinse your hair with at least one cool round of water to lock in its moisture before you step out of the shower!

Gently massage your scalp using vertical strokes with medium pressure while shampooing your hair. It helps to stimulate hair growth and it doesn’t cause breakage and frizz when it is wet.

Hair damage is also often caused during our sleep as friction against our pillows leads to tangling and breakage. To avoid that, sleep on a silk pillow as the slippery surface will help to prevent excess friction that can easily damage your hair. Having lots of beauty sleep not only benefits your skin, but also your hair!

Remember to always treat your hair right to make every day a good hair day!

This beauty tip is brought to you by Jonsson Protein.

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