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BottomSlim Botanical Gel

Volume: 30ml
Formulated in USA

The Botanical Gel is specially formulated to enhance skin suppleness and elasticity. The product induces a themo effect which aids in shaping up the body contour. The anti-cellulite properties aids in improving the orange peel appearance.

Specially formulated for lower body sculpting, the formula is readily absorbed into the skin, thereby improving skin elasticity. The Japanese Green Tea extract found in the product, firms up the skin to prevent it from sagging. It further aids in relieving water retention and abnormal accumulation of fluids.

One of the active ingredients is Methylsilanol Manuronate, a silanol derivative for firming and slimming. It activates the lipase activity in breaking down the fat deposits. The fats within fat cell is released and lipid oxidation occurs. Fat cell expansion is therefore controlled. Another active ingredient is the Guarana extract, the famous South American plant used for slimming. It promotes and speed up the fat burning process. Unsightly fatty deposits are broken down. Coupled with treatments at BottomSlim, weight loss is further enhanced.

Apply on targeted areas. Gently massage in circular motion till fully absorbed. Use it once per day for maximum results.

BottomSlim Collagen Firm

Volume: 30ml
Formulated in USA

Made using botanical herbaceous extracts, the Collagen Firm sculpts the body naturally and safely. The combination of fat burning and skin repairing ingredients keep the skin tighten and toned. The Collagen Firm is formulated with caffeine, which is known for its slimming elasticity. It is essential in helping the skin tissues to regain its density. Caffeine also works to flush the fluids trapped beneath the skin, thereby increasing blood circulation and prevent toxic retention.

Nonylvinylacrylamide improve the blood circulation. It enhance the product’s detoxification propreties. Fatty acids are synthesize in the liver and delivered through the bloodstream to the mitochondria for lipid oxidation. With the improved blood circulation, fats are more readily burned.

Retinyl Palmitate, an active ingredient, encourages collagen production and improves elasticity. The collagen molecules restores skin elasticity whilst strengthening existing connective tissues. It aids in the removal of stretch marks and prevents scarring. Siloxanetriol, acts as a silanol to boost firming activity, resulting in a more toned silhouette.

Apply on targeted areas. Gently massage in circular motion till fully absorbed. Use it once per day for maximum results.

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