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Volume: 50G + 75mL
Manufactured in Japan

CIELO MILKY takes only an instant to apply, thanks to an innovative multi angle comb applicator that delivers long-lasting color naturally rich in tone for a radiant sheen and healthy shine to hair.

The Multi Angle Comb Applicator makes application simple, quick and even. This nifty tool enables one hand application smoothly from any angle, even from an upright position. The milky non-dripping emulsion is easily blended so achieving a consistent color from the hair line to the back of your head has never been this effortless.

Formulated not only to evenly and completely cover gray hair but it also contains ingredients to increase shine and condition hair while coloring for a silky smooth texture. Its two nourishing ingredients, Marine collagen and Functional amino acid (Taurine) penetrate the hair to moisturise and strengthen from within. Its three natural illuminating ingredients, Grape seed, Evening primrose and Eucalyptus oil coat the hair surface to protect and restore shine.

Available in 9 brilliant shades

*Read the instruction leaflet carefully before use. A skin allergy test must be conducted 48 hours before applying hair color, each time you color your hair.

Salonpas® 30

First introduced in 1934, Salonpas is a household name in Singapore. Salonpas was founded by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, one of Japan’s biggest pharmaceuticals. Formulated to relieve everyday aches and pains, these palm-sized patches contain ingredients that quickly penetrates through the skin to alleviate pain. Its active ingredients, Glycol Salicylate, is also quickly absorbed by the skin for pain relieve; ℓ-Menthol provides a cooling effect that helps to soothe aches.

Say goodbye to aches with Salonpas® 30! Specially formulated for females, these palm-sized patches can be conveniently applied on the neck, shoulder, back, elbows, knees, foot and calves. With a light and minty scent, Salonpas® 30 is gentle on the skin, suitable for ladies with sensitive skin.

The Salonpas®30 is available in all major pharmacies, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores as well as neighbourhood Chinese medical halls.

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