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Tokyo Bust Express Juujitsu Bust Serum

Volume: 30ml
Formulated in Japan

Originated from Japan, the Juujitsu serum is highly regarded for its rich botanical extract (soy-based) with moisturizing and toning properties, the compound scientifically works to tighten the mammary tissues to sculpt voluptuous bust, while reducing spots, maximizing hydration to smooth skin and improve resilience.

The Juujitsu Serum has high concentration of Phytoestrogen. It is effective for bust enhancement and improving bust firmness. It is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin while leaving it soft and smooth.

Active inputs stimulate blood and oxygen circulation around the bust region to magnify prompt aborption on every level for faster cell renewal and growth of breast tissue. It aids in limiting premature degeneration of mammary glands and escalate collagen production to refine elasticity; thus bust appear rounder, closer together and higher on the bust line. Concentrated formula combining Nanotechnology with Phytoestrogen rich herbal extract (Pueraria Mirifica) results in firm and fuller breast.

Massage onto breasts until fully absorbed. Avoid Areola area and perform massage by using upward circulation strokes with moderate pressure till fully absorbed.

Tokyo Bust Express Masu Supplement Bust Cream

Volume: 30ml
Formulated in Japan

The Masu Cream is a concentrated formula combining Nanotechnology with phytoestrogen rich herbal extract (Pueraria Mirifica) for firm and fuller breast. The phytoestrogen constituents in our product has been selected carefully for the capability to manipulate the breast region’s glandular tissue. The ingredients in the composition align with female hormones, correcting the imperfections in the bust region.

It is formulated with compact vitamins A,C and E and amino acids essential in neutralizing aging free radicals to improve suppleness and elasticity and help skin tissues regain density. Metabolism is aroused to renew mammary tissue while strengthening existing breast muscle tissues, critical in heightening feminine contours with more dramatic cleavage. It is packed with nourishing ginseng extract to further enhance bust health.

The product effectively elicit phytoestrogens effects similar to that of estrogen in the human body which helps in restoring disturbed hormonal levels beneficial in replacing stressed mammary cells while promoting healthy tissue growth. It therefore increases efficacy in breast enlargement and augmentation.

Apply directly on each breast and avoid Areola area. Perform massage by using upward circulation strokes with moderate pressure till fully absorbed.

Blum & Co Corporate Collection

Blum & Co specializes in stylish, high-quality apparels that are catered towards working professionals. This collection features a spectrum of various looks; from feminine prints to straight-cut simple designs, where the aim is to allow women to look comfortable and classy wherever and whenever. Ranging from semi-formal to office wear, these items have been carefully curated to offer viewers a glimpse of what we believe at Blum, where style and professionalism are hallmarks to us.

Our Stores:

Hitachi Tower #01-08 Tel: 6533 0680
Raffles City #02-12/13 Tel: 6333 0657
Parkway Parade #02-65/66 Tel: 6348 8147
100 AM (Amara Hotel) #01-01 Tel: 6543 6500
The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands #01-65 Tel: 6225 5924

AVALON™ Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules

AVALON™ Aloe Multiple Detox Capsules, the No.1 Best Selling Detox Capsules for 10 years running, is well-known for its ability to clear away accumulated waste & toxins. Made of 100% natural Aloe Barbadensis, it can help to promote bowel regularity, breakdown fat deposits, relieve water retention and discomfort associated with bloated feeling within 3 days.

Chan Brothers Travel Exclusive “Lady First” Tour – 6D Taiwan LOHAS Experience

Gear up for a Taiwan getaway – sensational street food, excellent shopping and the exuberant city awaits you. Take a retreat from the frenzy of modern life and soothe your skin and relax your muscles with a therapeutic hot spring bath in a private hot spring in your room, experience the therapeutic remedies and invigorating effects of natural spring water. Take in vitamins in the air at Wufengqi Waterfall and rejuvenate with a foot massage after shopping for the latest fashion wear at Wufenpu. Experience the ultimate LOHAS experience and fall in love with Taiwan over and over again.

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