Beauty Tip

How do I achieve those model-like smooth and toned legs?

Wearing heels all day can strain your leg muscles, constricting circulation in your blood vessels. Poor circulation can lead to aches, muscle cramps, swelling, increased visibility of varicose veins, and many other woes. Make your legs look and feel good by ensuring that they get a proper massage often. Massages are great for improving blood circulation so make sure you get yourself a good massage regularly.

Spending a large part of your day in an air-conditioned office or room can be very dehydrating for your skin. Dry, flaky skin on your legs are a nightmare when you want to flaunt them in your new heels or mini dress. Pamper them regularly to keep them looking beautiful. One simple way is to smooth on a generous layer of your favourite moisturising lotion, slip on a pair of long socks and snuggle up for the night. You will wake up to well-moisturised, beautiful legs in the morning.

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