Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips by Asian Skin Solution

Besides having proper skincare, the best way to improve the complexion is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Inadequate sleep will increase the stress hormones, causing the capillaries to tighten up and affect the flow of nutrients to the skin, resulting in a lifeless and dull skin.

Consuming enough Vitamin A improves skin complexion as it aids in preventing wrinkles and acne. It is also important to take in food that are rich in vitamin C as it keeps the skin firm and prevents premature skin aging. Vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen, thereby giving it an inner radiance. It is essential in preventing free-radical damage. The presence of vitamin C further improves skin tone and heals pimple scars.

Food that contains antioxidants aids in preventing wrinkles, strengthens skin tissue and enhance the natural glow of the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties flushes out toxins, resulting in clear radiant skin.

Some products embodies botanical extracts to rejuvenate skin. It boost the generation of collagen, thereby increasing the skin cell’s lifespan. Do remember to choose products with sunscreen to prevent age spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and premature aging.

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