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Beauty Tips by CIELO

Ever wondered why your hair colour didn’t quite turn out the way you expected?

Thin, soft and easily-permed hair is easy to colour, but if you have thick, stiff hair that is difficult to perm, you will find it harder to colour your hair. So you might need to give the dye a little bit longer to work its magic.

If you love having the air con on full blast, this can actually affect the effectiveness of the dye when you are getting your hair coloured. Keep the temperature between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Some parts of your hair, like the sideburns, neckline, hair ends, grey hair and fine baby hair, are naturally more difficult to colour, and will require more hair colour solution. The human head has different temperature zones, and this also affects the colouring process, so remember to vary the amount of solution applied at different parts of the scalp.

Finally, gold and blond bleach solution accumulates easily in the root, and this can result in uneven colouring. Our tip? Apply the solution 1 to 2cm above your roots for more even results.

Beauty Tips by Chan Brothers Travel

Packing light and looking good on vacation to Korea

· Pack neutral colors which allows you to mix & match your outfits quickly
· Use vacuum/compression bags to save space
· Opt for lightweight fabrics such as cashmere and cotton which keeps you cool and are easy to wash and dry
· Choose one-piece outfits like dresses, rompers & jumpsuits
· Bring along skincare products that serve a dual or triple purpose or even better, purchase them in the beauty haven, Myeongdong

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