Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips by BottomSlim

Do you know that dieting does not guarantee weight loss. Instead of promoting weight loss, dieting could possibly hinder your progress! Many ladies have the misconception that eliminating meat and dairy products from the diet is the best way to lose weight. However, this strips your body of the essential nutrients! Choose your proteins wisely and you will still be able to lose weight. Eggs actually contain vitamin B12, which your body needs to metabolize fat. Drinking milk not only supply calcium to your bones, but the calcium also helps in breaking down fat and reduce the formation of fat cells. A word of caution, choose low fat dairy products with less sugar.

Do you find it hard to maintain your weight after you have slim down? The key is to adopt a balanced meal, inclusive of proteins. Protein intake aids in sustaining weight maintenance after weight loss.

Even after losing weight, you might find difficulty eliminating the stubborn fats at the lower body areas. Perhaps you have noticed that cellulite and stretch marks are the hardest to remove? But fret not as some products are specially formulated to improve skin elasticity and fat oxidation.

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